Furby Fakes Collection

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Furby Fakes are knockoff Furbys that were released from 1999 - 2005. New Furby fakes are still being released today, however this page will focus on the classic Furby Fakes.


Furbish is a Furby fake released in 1999 by B/O Electronics. They have a pointy beak, arms, and hands with 3 fingers on them, however these are the only things changed between Furby and Furbish. They came in the colors pink and white, all white, and black and white. They speak their own language, and they can start speaking English if played with enough. They are glitchy and fragile, so if you have one, be sure to take care of it well.


Habby is a very similar to Furbish. They have a spiky mane, a beak that's shaped differently, arms, and hands with only 2 fingers on them. They speak the same language as Furbish, however they switch to speaking Japanese instead of English.


Foobie is a unique Furby fake. He can come in grey and white, white, black and white, yellow and white, and yellow. They can possibly have more, but they are unknown.